EAS Anti-theft System

EAS Anti-theft System

National Distributor of Sensormatic EAS Anti-theft System in Oman

Safeguard your retail enterprise against fraudulent activities and theft with the assistance of the EAS Anti-theft system. This sophisticated solution enhances your inventory management capabilities while effectively thwarting losses arising from product pilferage. The EAS systems are available in two fundamental configurations: acousto-magnetic (AM) and radio frequency (RF).


Within the realm of cutting-edge security solutions, Tyco/Johnson Controls USA, operating under the esteemed Sensormatic brand, leads the charge with its development of Acousto-Magnetic (AM) and Radio Frequency (RF) Antennas for EAS Anti-theft Systems. This technological innovation showcases their dedication to providing a comprehensive approach to safeguarding businesses against theft and inventory loss. Sensormatic’s AM Antennas utilize a frequency that is highly effective in detecting tagged items, even in complex store layouts where obstructions might be present. On the other hand, their RF Antennas offer a cost-efficient yet powerful solution suitable for various retail environments. This dual focus on AM and RF Antennas highlights Tyco/Johnson Controls USA’s commitment to delivering versatile, state-of-the-art security solutions that empower businesses to protect their assets and bolster operational integrity.

Sensormatic Anti-Theft Protection

The issue of shrinkage is on the rise, highlighting the need for effective merchandise protection to ensure maximum loss prevention and profitability. Our comprehensive range of EAS products, including anti-theft labels, hard tags, alarming wraps and safes, has consistently proven to reduce theft in various retail settings while enabling open merchandising. With various sizes, technologies and formats available, our labels can be easily applied in-store or at the original source. For items that are difficult to secure, we offer a diverse selection of specialty tags to guarantee that no product goes unprotected.

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